Plant Selection & Advice


We can help you choose plants that suit your location and our local climate. We can also look at your existing garden and advise which plants to keep and which ones to ditch!
  • Do you want a native garden and/or exotic plants and/or succulents?
  • Do you want a feature garden?
  • Do you want to encourage birds?
  • Do you want a shady, relaxing area to sit and relax?
  • Do you want to create privacy?
  • Do you want tropical, formal, contemporary, low maintenance, flowering plants?

With so many stunning plants to choose from that are suited to our beautiful sub-tropical climate, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But, by thinking about the style of gardens you like (i.e. tropical garden, native garden, drought-tolerant garden, or cottage garden), we can start to narrow the selection.

By also taking into account flowers, foliage colour and the stunning effects of mass planting, we can choose plants that will ensure your garden is beautiful year-round.

Another important consideration when selecting plants is the level of maintenance they will require, in the establishment phase and also longer-term as the garden matures.

As well as a plant list, we position and space the plants within the design considering their mature size and height. You will know how many plants you will need. We can even help you save money by offering cost-effective varieties, recommending tube stock rather than larger plants and offer gardening tips (like plant division and separation) to get you to your goal on a budget.

Plant selection and advice can be part of our overall garden design service or a one-off service to help you on your way.

“A beautiful garden adds real value to your property and immeasurable value to your lifestyle”